Martial Art of Karate

As Founding member of  KWF Scotland the official organisation in Scotland of the  Karatenomichi World Federation our club aims to teach traditional Budo Karate.   The KWF under the leadership of the Legendary Shotokan Master Mikio Yahara students are encouraged to develop speed, power and flexibility which are essential to karate and strive towards perfecting these.

Tracing its roots to classical Shotokan Karate, the Karatenomichi (meaning "Way of Karate") World Federation is a non-profit organization whose members, regardless of their backgrounds in different types of Karate, have come to share the ideals of an authentic Karate based on what in Japanese is called "Budo Karate", meaning the "Martial Art of Karate".


KWF Karate Concept

While KWF Karate is based on the original principles of Budo Karate, KWF Karate is thoroughly in tune with the sensibilities of our complex modern lifestyles. In short, KWF Karate is heir to Budo Karate without becoming too rigidly constrained by such a classical approach.


KWF Karate Insight

In Budo Karate, via the concept of "Gishin Ichinyo", or "unity of technique and mind" we learn to train and discipline both our mental outlook and physical skills, knowing that if we fail to do so we would be left only with what we might call our instincts.

Through the disciplined practice of KWF Karate techniques we become familiar with the spirit necessary to prevail, and we ultimately come to appreciate the significance of the Zen expression that the "Ordinary Mind is the Way". As a lifelong undertaking, the goal of Karatenomichi ("Way of Karate") is for it to become a truly trans-formative "Way of Life."


KWF as a Martial Art

To be sure, KWF Karate can fell an opponent with a single strike. To achieve such an overwhelming outcome, the muscles and joints of the body must in a single instant become compressed to their very limits. Such stored power, or energy, is further optimized through the body's five-point kinetic chain of motion dynamics, then focused on a single target, and ultimately released at maximum intensity.

The Spirit of KWF

As we master KWF Karate as the art of the overwhelming single strike, we come to understand that we must infuse our every movement with the immediacy of such decisiveness.

Similarly, we learn to approach every moment of our lives with complete earnestness, and to treat every precious second as if it were our last, which is the key to the art of the Way of Karate, as well as to an enlightened spirit.

We continually undertake to assure that the art we practice is fully embodied in our skills, in our spirit, and even in our smallest actions. The more we hone our practice, the more compassion we will feel for others, the more we cultivate within ourselves a spirit of giving, and the more spiritual fulfillment we will find.

In this way, the KWF "Way of Karate" is a lifetime pursuit undertaken by making both the spirit and techniques of Karate part and parcel of our lives. We invite you to take the journey of the "Way of Karate" together with us.


This specialised class is for Senior grades 3rd Kyu Brown Belt and Above Class time and venue

East Kilbride John Wright Sports Centre Saturday 11.30am Tuesday 7.30pm


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