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Kihonkai Karate Academy has been based in lanarkshire since 1987, over the many years we have produced,developed and promoted karate students of all ages and of all levels. Our classes throughout the local area are designed to ensure all our members get the best tuition from fully qualified instructors.

As Founding member of KWF Scotland the official organisation in Scotland of the Karatenomichi World Federation our club aims to teach traditional Budo Karate. The KWF under the leadership of the Legendary Shotokan Master Mikio Yahara students are encouraged to develop speed, power and flexibility which are essential to karate and strive towards perfecting these.

Stevie Mason Founder & Chief Instructor


To get started, simply provide us with your contact information and let us know what Class you are interested in. We will do the rest, and you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of being a part of our Karate family


Free Trial Classes for all ages..

We know it can be difficult to find a new activity. The first few classes we offer are free. Come along and try the classes.

We are sure you will feel at ease as we introduce you to our tried and tested training methods. You will be part of our Karate family

in no time. Remember we all took our first steps into the Karate world as complete novices. We know how you feel and we will make 

the experience as pleasurable as possible.


Saiko Shihan , Stephen Mason Submitted by: Clare Adamson, Motherwell and Wishaw, Scottish National Party. Date lodged: Friday, 17 November 2023 Motion reference: S6M-11288 That the Parliament congratulates Stephen Mason on being awarded the prestigious Saiko Shihan (Supreme Master )title; understands that Stephen, an instructor from Kihonkai Karate Academy, based in Motherwell, was acknowledged by the esteemed Karate World Federation Japan; further understands that the Saiko Shihan Supreme Master award is a testament to Stephen’s outstanding dedication, mastery of the art, and significant contributions to the field of karate; recognises that Stephen has placed Scotland on the global map for what it sees as its exceptional karate talent and training; thanks Stephen and all the other instructors at Kihonkai Karate Academy for their dedication and commitment to supporting the community and learners, and wishes them all the best for the future. Supported by: Karen Adam, Jeremy Balfour, Colin Beattie, Miles Briggs, Stephanie Callaghan, Jackie Dunbar, Annabelle Ewing, Bill Kidd, Roz McCall, Audrey Nicoll, Paul Sweeney, David Torrance, Evelyn Tweed, Tess White


Thirty years of existence for the Kihonkai Dojo bears testament to the founder, owner and chief instructor, Sensei Stevie Mason. He is without doubt the epitome of what being a true Sensei entails, a karateka that set the example by being a training man, a Budoka, a man who understands discipline but at the same time compassion and a Karateka with an outstanding technical knowledge of Karate-do. Scotland can be proud of Stevie Mason as KWF are and as I am to have the privilege to call him friend


For quite some time we have been looking for a sport to do as a family. Kihonkai Karate Academy has fulfilled that and more. We were introduced to it through my son attending after school club. He loved it so much that in a short time he joined the club. Following on from my son, my daughter joined and then myself and my husband. I was rather wary that I was to old at 40 to be learning a new sport. How wrong was I!! The classes are for all fitness levels and ability levels. We were welcomed with open arms! I can't express how great it is to learn with your children. Sensei Stevie is a wonderful teacher. He has patience and a great attribute of making everyone feel that they are capable. I love the confidence it has given my kids. I love that the classes give me ME time and a chance to de stress from my working day. We train 3 times a week together and it is quality family time!! If you have ever thought about it then why NOT come and try it. You won't regret it


Highly recommend, whether your young or old, you will become part of the family. Amazing to see how close the team are, they support one another and are driven every step by Sensei Stevie and the other senior members. Give it a try...


The pupil will learn how to defend themselves. they will learn to respect them selves and others. plus you are part of an awesome team who will help you through you training you will become an great and very fit fast karate student you should join the kihonkai team you will become part of a great team


The Kihonkai Karate team are one big family , very welcoming, so much experience and knowledge.


After training with many Karate instructors and systems, Sensei Stevie Mason is top drawer, Highly respected throughout Karate in Scotland


The Benefits of Karate Training

How can Kihonkai Karate training benefit the whole family?

 Anyone can begin Karate - any age, any fitness level. Start today! Some of the many benefits from Karate Practise. SELF DEFENCE CORE STRENGTH & FITNESS IMPROVED CONCENTRATION STRONG VALUE SYSTEM DISCIPLINE & FOCUS CONFIDENCE & SELF ESTEEM

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