Belt ColourGrade
White with Red Stripe10th Kyu
Red9th Kyu
Red with White Stripe9th Kyu Tag
Orange8th Kyu
Orange with White Stripe8th Kyu Tag
Yellow7th Kyu
Yellow with White Stripe7th Kyu Tag
Green6th Kyu
Green with White Stripe6th Kyu Tag
Purple5th Kyu
Blue5th Kyu Tag
Purple with White Stripe4th Kyu
Brown3rd Kyu
Brown2nd Kyu
Brown with White Stripe1st Kyu
BlackShodan 1st Dan
BlackNidan 2nd Dan


  1. Ichi (sometimes shortened to Ich or Eech in class)
  2. Ni (pronounced Nee)
  3. San
  4. Shi
  5. Go
  6. Roku (sometimes shortened Ro in class)
  7. Shichi (sometimes shortened to Seech/Sheech in class)
  8. Hachi (sometimes shortened to Hach in class)
  9. Kyuu
  10. Juu

Notice, Four and Seven also have alternatives in Japanese – 4 = Yon and 7 – Nana.